# 10 -《Ishida Coffee Store Sapporo @ 札幌 》

Interview with Mr. Masashi Ishida San, the owners of Ishida Coffee Store Sapporo. 

Mr. Masashi Ishida San was born in Kushiro Hokkaido: “Originally I really liked the unique atmosphere and vibe of a coffee shop since I was a high school student. During my university years, I started to work as a part-time at cafes. Then I started working in the coffee shop at my university for 4 years because I can always drink delicious coffee while working! I thought that coffee beans are also interesting, I thought that I would like to open a shop that roasts coffee beans by myself. “

Mr. Ishida San had the idea of opening a coffee shop during his university years. His mind was cleared and determined. Hence he decided to become an estate agent in order to earn enough capital. After spending three years in the real estate industry, he went to work at a coffee farm in Brazil for 3 months to learn more about coffee and getting one step closer to make his dream come true. In 2005, he opened his first coffee shop in Chiba Japan.

Why did you open this shop?

Because I always wanted to open a coffee shop here in Sapporo. When I was looking for a shop, this shop came up and I really like it because it is very spacious and in a great location! This shop used to be a ramen shop, therefore I kept some of its interior settings and redecorate it by ourselves.

How did you name the shop?

Always want to name the coffee shop after my family name.


How long has Ishida coffee been open?

Since 2011, I moved to Sapporo from Chiba and opened this coffee shop here.

Do you ski or snowboard?

I don’t personally, but my girlfriend loves snowboarding! Maybe you should ask her.

Yuki San also from Kushiro Hokkaido: "I used to snowboard every weekend back in hometown. However, since this coffee shop is opened, both of us are too busy and I don’t have time to go snowboarding anymore. I always wanted to go Niseko for snowboarding but since Ishida San doesn’t snowboard, it's quite lonely to go just by myself. Maybe I can go find you guys! I haven’t been snowboarding for 4 years!"

Where was your favorite area for ski area/mountain?

I like Kokusai Ski Area in Sapporo, but I would really love to go Niseko for once!

The interior of the shop is very interesting, did you design everything by yourself? 

Yes, we designed everything and asked the constructors to build them for us.

How do you roast coffee?

Our roasting factory is at the left of the shop. We have 10 different blends to choose from and Ishida blend is our favorite because it is the most well balanced. As for roasting, I started the coffee shop because I like coffee deep roasted, so taste deeply roasted.

I do not want to think about difficult things, I want them to feel free. we have students studying here, people meeting with neighbors. I hope that our customers could enjoy their time with our coffee here, we are happy and welcome everyone to stay as long as they want.


The blend of this month is called Lover, how did you name it?

This is our darkest blend, rich in bitter aftertaste. The reason why I came up with this name is that I think love is very similar to dark coffee. Love can be bitter, but at the same time you just always wanted it so badly, just like addicted to something.

Do you provide your beans to other coffee shops?

Yes, we do! The Haruya coffee of the Untapped Hostel is one of them.

What does coffee mean to you?

It is a routine. In the morning, I drink the coffee brewed by myself and I drink it with the cake in the daytime. Personally, I like Ethiopian coffee. I also like shallow roast as well as deep roast. I think both are delicious and interesting because they show different expressions.


Ishida Coffee is located near the Hokkaido University. Once we stepped into the shop, the roasting machine was at the left of the entrance, we were greeted by the coffee aroma. It was a Monday afternoon, we waited for a bit to get seated, seems like its quite popular with the locals. Some people just came by themselves, having a quiet afternoon with their books surrounding by the antique furniture. The soft sunshine brightens the entire shop, even we were assigned to sit at the corner table. The jazz music floats in the air with the sound of coffee beans dropping into the grinder, here is the perfect spot to take a small break from a busy day.

Unlike other shops nowadays, Ishida coffee doesn't have any social media platforms. They are just running the shop authentically with their passion for coffee, the reputation and popularity were purely spread by the word of mouth and of cause their delicious coffee.


Address (Click for Google Map)

〒001-0016 北海道札幌市北区北16条西3丁目1−18