# 3 -《COFFEE STAND BY shizuku》

Interview with Mr. Miura San, the owner of COFFEE STAND by shizuku



Mr Kazuto Miura San :

Born in Sapporo, moved to Niseko with his parents on his 4th years old birthday. Mr. Kazuto San started skiing as a kid, joined the ski racing team at his young age for 6 years then started snowboarding when he was 15. After graduating from high school, Kazuto San went to Tokyo and New Zealand for 6 years. In the age of 21, he came back and became a ski/snowboard instructor in the winter and help to manage his family’s pension in the summer.


Why did you open this shop?

I personally love drinking coffee, I always go around and search for different coffee from different roasters as there are many roasters here in Hokkaido. There was a time that I had this memorable coffee from Africa Ethiopia, the taste was so unique! It was something that I’ve never tried. Since then, I started to have this idea to share with other people the coffee that I loved.

How did you name this shop?

COFFEE STAND by shizuku is parts of my Shizuku project. Shizuku () means droplet. I wanted to create something that would benefit this world and spread it out like the momentum of a droplet drops on the water surface and spread out.

Why here? 

I started as a small coffee stand and tour around in Music events. There was this chance last year, my friend’s family has this place in Yoichi, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to start this COFFEE STAND by shizuku. Yoichi lies in the middle of Otaru and Niseko, therefore people always drive pass this town. I think it would be good to have a coffee stand here for them to grab a warm cup of coffee and continue their journey.

How long have you been running this shop?

Started last summer in 2017.

Do you ski or snowboard?

I do both ski & snowboard. I use Nordica PATRON for skiing and Death Label DRIFTER for snowboarding.

Where is your favorite area for ski or snowboard?

Wherever place that I can’t see anybody else that would be my favorite place for ski and snowboard. I am still exploring.

How do you select your coffee?

I have 2 other partners, and I have my own personal preference and choice. We are more like a collector just like Powderlab Coffee. Each of us has a favourite roaster, therefore there are always several different blends that are chosen by us. My recommendation is quite different with the majority of people. I personally don’t like coffee to be too acidic, hence, I like the mocha from Ethiopia. And for our Barista, he prefers dark roasted such as charcoal roasted coffee.




Exactly as Kazuto San had mentioned, we drove passed this coffee stand on the way back to Niseko from Otaru. This beautiful unpretentious coffee stand is decorated all by Kazuto San and his team, pretty much everything in the shop is handcrafted. The barista, Mr. Matsuton San gave us a warm welcome when we first stepped in. He brewed our coffee with passion and love. This would be the perfect spot to stop by for a break and have a warm cup of coffee to brighten your day.



COFFEE STAND by shizuku
8 Chome-39 Kurokawachō Yoichi-chō, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaidō 046-0003

10AM ~ 7PM