# 6 -《Snow Drops Coffee @ 錢函 》

Interview with Fukuoka San the owner and operator of Snow Drops Coffee & scone.

Fukuoka San :

Fukuoka San originally from Chitose Hokkaido, he used to work as a car mechanic inside the racing courses. His passion for coffee was built up since his childhood because his parents always brought him to coffee shop when he was young.

He opened his first cafe in Chitose for over 10 years, however as Chitose is getting more and more crowded, he felt like it was time for him to start something new. He worked as a pastry tutor in Hakodate for 3 years, and then during 2016, he was offered to have this opportunity to open his own coffee & scone shop here in Zenibako.

Why did you open this shop?

I’ve never been to Zenibako before haha! In 2016, I was given the offer by this building’s owner to open my own coffee & scone shop here, which this is something always back in my mind, therefore I took this opportunity.

Furthermore, my parents always brought me to kissaten(喫茶店) when I was young.  A kissaten is an old-style Japanese tearoom that also serves coffee and sweets. I always wondered why would people go there for a cup of coffee and sweet? Then I realized actually kissaten is more than a tearoom, it is also a place for people to connect with each other. I wanted Snow Drop Coffee would be the place to build the connections between people and I hope our coffee will be in someone’s memory. 

How did you name the shop?

My parents were farmers, therefore I helped in the farm since childhood. They told me that snow is actually beneficial to agriculture, especially here in Hokkaido. Our vegetables and fruits are very famous for a reason - the snow. It’s because the snow during winter actually acts as a duvet to keep the ground and soil warm from the cold air. Then when spring comes, the snow starts to melt and turn into water drops and moisturized the ground and soil. The seeds inside will start growing into a sprout and everything good will start to happen. 

I want to share my appreciation and passion for snow to others by naming this shop Snow Drops Coffee. I believe snow in Hokkaido is good for many things and something good will happen!

How long has Snowdrops Coffee been open?

Since 2016, Christmas.

Do you ski or snowboard?

I love skiing, my ski is TC-SC by Ogasaka, a Japanese brand that has been around for 100 years.

Model: https://www.ogasaka-ski.co.jp/alpine-ski/tc-sc/

Where is your favorite area for ski area/mountain?

I almost ski every day during night time at Snow Cruise Onze Otaru after work. This is a very small ski resort with only 1 chair lift, but they are opened until 11 pm (the longest opening hour in Hokkaido! ) I like it very much because it’s so close to me haha! You can also enjoy the amazing ocean view on top of the mountain. In springtime, I would drive to further resort such as Rusutsu, Niseko and Tenine. Rusutsu and Tomamu are my favorite ski resorts in Hokkaido.


How do you roast your coffee?

Direct fire method. It is a small semi-auto roasting machine, that can only roast 800 gram of coffee beans each time. Unlike the normal roasting method, there is no fan blowing hot air inside the roaster, so the coffee is roasted more even. This kind of roasting method will actually make the coffee tastes stronger.

I don’t have a specific taste or flavor that want to delivery to the customers, I just simply want people to chill out and enjoy the delicious coffee and scone. It is fine even they stay here for a whole day. Also when the coffee is too hot, you can’t really enjoy its real taste, therefore I want the customer to take the time and let the coffee to chill, it actually tastes richer when it gets colder.


Do you provide your beans to other coffee shop?

No, we only sell our coffee here and Powderlab Coffee now!

Any seasonal special for Spring?

We are putting sakura latte and sakura scone into our menu, freeze-dried cherry blossom will be mixed into the latte.

He baked all scones by himself as well! Even a sakura scone.


Snow Drops Coffee located inside a small house right next to the Zenibako (錢函) station. The coffee shop is located on the ground floor, sharing with a lifestyle shop that sells goods made from the local artists here. And the upper floor is the seating area and a gallery for private event.

Our Japanese friend Emi chan actually introduced and brought us to this beautiful hidden gem - Zenibako (錢函). We’ve never been or even heard about this town before! It is actually a small town located in Otaru, about 20 minutes drive from Otaru city. It is a famous surfing town where you can surf in all seasons.

He baked all scones by himself as well! Even a sakura scone.Snow Drops Coffee is such a beautiful name and we wondered if the owner also loves Japow (Japan powder snow) as much as like we do! Then we found that Fukuoka San not only passionate in Japow and coffee, also love baking scones! All scones in the shop are baked by Fukuoka San, the perfect combo with coffee. 



Address (Click for Google Map)

北海道小樽市銭函2丁目2−2 〒047-0261