# 7 -《peacepiece @ 函館 》

Interview with Takehiro Oshio San 尾塩武弘, the owner of peacepiece and Oshio coffee. 

Mr. Takehiro Oshio San :

“I was in the cafe and music festival in Niseko before with Mr. Takano San as well !” this was the first thing Mr. Takehiro Oshio told us when he knew we came from Niseko. Mr. Takehiro Oshio is from Hakodate, he used to work at Miyakoshiya Coffee (宮越屋珈琲) Hakodate branch for 6 years before opening his own coffee shop. I've heard so much about coffee from his brother when he was young. This was also one of the reasons why I am in the coffee business.

Why did you open this shop?

The idea of having my own coffee shop started when I was still working at Miyakoshiya Coffee. Due to decreasing number of customers, the Hakodate branch closed down. However, I still want to work in the coffee industry, therefore I’ve decided to open my own coffee shop.

How did you name the shop?

Peacepiece is one of my favorite songs composed by the Jazz pianist, Bill Evans. I like this song so much and wanted to name the shop after this.

I wanted to reuse the signboard outside because it is in a square shape, which it kind of looks like a record jacket to me. 


How long has peacepiece been open?

It has been 11 Years, since 2007. I started peacepiece first as a select coffee shop, then I created my own coffee brand, Oshio Coffee after I started roasting my own beans.

This shop used to be on the second floor of this building. When I first moved in, the owner of the building warned me that they might take down the entire building in 5 years time, fortunately they’ve decided to keep the ground floor for me to keep running this coffee shop at the end. This is a historical building that used to be a bank building since 1923 (Taisho era).


Do you ski or snowboard?

I used to snowboard long time ago, about 15 years ago. When I used to live in Sapporo, I often go to Kiroro and Rusustu a lot for snowboarding, because they allowed snowboarder to be on most of their courses but Niseko didn’t. they restricted most of the area. Then since I moved to Hakodate, there wasn’t any big ski resort around, so I ended up didn’t go anymore. And now I am on my mountain bike most of the time.

So you didn’t snowboard at all this winter?

I did go to a ski resort, but only to bring my daughter to ski school. Instead, I set nearby and watch. And now I am thinking maybe I will try skiing. 

Where was your favorite area for ski area/mountain?

I liked Rusustu and Kiroro.


Your logo and graphic is very interesting, did you design everything by yourself?

Yes. I did all design myself, everything is just from my imagination. It took me so long because I was drawing them with my computer mouse only.


I like how smart he applies different skin color for the different blends. The left is lightly roasted blend and the right is the dark roasted blend. 


How do you roast your coffee?

By using this DIY roasting machine made by myself, which each batch can roast up to 1kg, but I think 400 gram is the best portion for the better quality so that the coffee can be roasted more evenly. 

We have two house blends, which I named them Hakodate Mountain (函館山崗). The dark blend is the more popular one, while there are richness and pleasant bitterness, you can enjoy a refreshing aftertaste.

Do you provide your beans to other coffee shops?

You can find our coffee at the Hakodate station and Hakodate airport as well. We also provide our bean to one coffee shop in Sapporo and one in Aomori.


I like this little store a lot because it is so hidden. Piece peace is a hidden gem on the slope of the famous spot, Hachimangu (八幡坂) in Hakodate. They’ve participated in the “Cafe Fee in Niseko Forest” festival in 2014!

Mr. Oshio hopes his customers could taste the roasted coffee slowly. For this reason, the interior decoration of the shop is also very simple and cozy. To me, he is an artist. He DIY most of the interior design of the shop, even the subtle wire objects that match the shop. They drop a soft shadow on the white wall, decorate the store in a subtle way.

Hakodate is a very popular city for watching the cherry blossom, therefore I asked Mr. Oshio to give me some recommended spots for that. And he told us the Sakura alley (櫻之丘通) and Goryokaku Park (五稜郭公園) are his favorite spots.