# 8 -《Tailored Coffee @ 函館 》

Interview with Mr & Mrs. Akashi, the owners of Tailored Coffee
Tailored Coffee : 

Mr & Mrs. Akashi opened Tailored Coffee together in their home town - Hakodate. The original shop of Tailored Coffee is a just small coffee stand that provides specialty coffee, they mainly focus on takeaway and selling specialty coffee beans for home use. A selection of at least 10 different types of specialty coffee beans will be available at their shop every day. 

Why did you open this shop?

Originally I wanted to open a cafe, however, I was hesitating and doubt if its a good idea. Then, my wife reminded me that specialty coffee is my passion, I was encouraged to focus on coffee and share my passion with the Hakodate local people.

How did you name the shop?

“Tailored Coffee” was named from the idea of satisfying desires of different customers. We all have our unique preference. I want to custom made the perfect choice of coffee to all coffee lovers, therefore all details such as countries of origins, level of acidity and flavors types are listed clearly.


How long has Tailored Coffee been open?

About 4 years now for the headquarter shop and in April 2017 we started our second branch, “Tailored Coffee Brewers” on the basement floor of Siesta Hakodate.

We’ve been thinking for a long time where to open this specialty coffee shop, and then it happened that we found this place. Also, because it is in the center of Hakodate city.


Do you ski or snowboard?

Nope, I am not good in winter sport. 

What is your favorite thing about Hakodate?

I was born and raised here and I love everything about Hakodate.

How do you roast coffee? 

We use a semi-hot air roaster. By roasting little by little, try to be as fresh as possible. We understand that everyone has their own favorite coffee type and preference, therefore we aim to provide the best coffee to match different desires. Our next goal is to open a cafe with food and ice cream. We also have coffee workshops for coffee lovers to share the coffee knowledge.


What was your biggest challenge?

Since I have a high standard of everything and to myself, I always have worries running inside my head. “What happens if there are not enough customers? What about I can’t make enough money? How would the customer think about my coffee? Every day I ask myself how long can I do this for?” All these doubts made me being hesitated but thanks to my wife, she encouraged and reminded me of my passion and goal. And I know I will be regret if I didn’t start it. Therefore I would say the biggest challenge for me was to start this business. As long as I am aiming for my goal, all doubts will be solved.




This is my second time visiting Hakodate. I’ve heard about Tailored Coffee while I researching for good coffee in town. In the beginning, we tried to invite Mr. Akashi San by email to become our partner roaster but it didn’t go well. We didn’t want to give up, so we decided to show our sincerity by visiting him in person. Luckily Mr. Akashi San was there and we got the chance to explain our idea to him.

Through this experience, we’ve realized that online even interaction does not require any effort or notable expenses, but it can never replace real-life interaction with people. It is always more interesting and enjoyable to meet people in person.

At last, apart from the delicious specialty coffee, I love their Affogato!



Address (Click for Google Map)

北海道函館市本町7−13 〒040-0011