We started snowboarding in 2015 winter in Niseko, Hokkaido Japan. It was back then that we have experienced our first Japow. Since then we are extremely addicted and we just can't stop thinking about it.

Then a capricious decision was made. We decided to move to Niseko for the season and by the next day, we’ve been living our lives with snowboarding and coffee. Literally, drinking and riding every single day.

Morning is the best time to enjoy both the drip coffee and snowboarding.

Here was our everyday routine: Checking the weather report while having a cup of freshly ground coffee then going for the first lift. In the afternoon when we went to work, we would always bring a drip coffee bag bought from a local roaster and enjoy the powder in the cup to recharge ourselves.

Powder lab is created to share our findings of snowboarding and local coffee shops in Japan.