Here is a simple idea.

A small bag that stands on your cup, filled with high-quality ground coffee. Just have your cup ready, hang the bag and pour the hot water into the bag. Your drip coffee will be ready in no time.

At the office, at home, during your travel, camping, on a road trip or even on the mountain, you can enjoy a grateful aroma anywhere, anytime.


STEP 1  -  All you need is a cup, drip bag coffee, and hot water. 
STEP 2  -  Open the package, tear drip bag off along arrows.
STEP 3  -  Pull paper hangers on both sides, press the corner in. 


STEP 4  -  Clip them to the edges of the coffee cup. 


STEP 5  -  Pour few drops of hot water into the coffee to soak for 30 seconds.


STEP 6  -  Add 150 - 180ml of hot water in circular motion, little by little, just enough to submerge the coffee each time. 


STEP 7 - Repeat for 3-4 times, until all water is poured.
STEP 8 - Enjoy your coffee time!